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Selectis source financial services, specialist advisers & direct services you can trust, in order to provide individuals and businesses with real choices.

The free Selectis consultancy service delivers market aware, experienced and knowledgeable guidance to help you find the best specialist service for your investment, business, pension, tax, insurance or financial needs.

Selectis are not fee-charging financial advisers and we do not provide advice. We help you to find the right adviser or direct service provider for you. We listen to your story, identify your needs and introduce you to the right people to work with.

Why use Selectis?

With so many advisers, services and products available – and the internet – it is difficult to know where to start, who to trust, how good it is and what the cost will be. Selectis provide an alternative - some might say old fashioned - personal service, with an experienced human for you to talk to.

The Selectis consultants identify your needs and then, supported by the long-standing relationships built up by the company, match them with the qualified specialists or direct services who might help you most. This way, you are not tied to one service or one adviser who may specialise in only one of the areas of expertise you need.

Our service is free to you. Selectis are only paid if you choose to accept the services we source. So we must make sure the options we give you are clear, focussed, relevant and useful.

We select the best from the good, so you don’t have to…

To talk to one of our consultants, please complete the contact form or call us on 02380 454379.

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