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Bringing practical support to business owners and company directors.

Selectis help businesses and directors protect themselves, save money and achieve the maximum personal wealth possible from the business, by working with the right Legal Advisers, Finance, insurance and Corporate Service specialists.

Selectis help you with:

Improving Cashflow – this may involve a number of strategies including reducing tax liability, reducing payroll costs, borrowing from directors existing pensions funds or achieving savings from re-broking existing finance arrangements.

Commercial Finance – Selectis has links to sources of funding for established and new businesses, with different levels of security requirements. Many banks are still repairing their balance sheets and are reluctant to lend. We have other sources.

Pension Planning – Selectis access extensive knowledge of corporate & and occupational pensions. Such funds can often be used as a cost effective source of funding for a business.

Business Valuation – To raise funds for your business, sell it, action a management buy-out or sell shares in your business to release cash, you first need to value your business. There are several ways to do this and you need to get it right to achieve the optimum results and satisfy HMRC rules.

Savings on Life and Critical Illness Cover - Company Directors can benefit from a specific type of life policy that means they will save at least 20% on the cost of life and critical illness cover. The Company pays all the premiums, gets full tax relief on all the contributions and, if there is a claim, none of the pay out is taxable. Claims are normally taxable if the company has paid all of the premiums, but there is a legitimate way to avoid this.

Inheritance Tax planning for business owners – If your business has a substantial value, there are ways to avoid the value of it being taxed if you die prematurely, giving you the peace of mind that you have legally avoided potential taxes to your heirs. Inheritance planning can also ensure no future creditor or spouse of any beneficiary can gain access to the family wealth or business. Many business owners miss this important planning!

Employee Benefits – There are ways to attract new staff easier or retain existing staff more effectively, at minimal cost.

To talk to one of our consultants, please complete the contact form or call us on 02380 454379.

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