Frequently Asked Questions

What is the consultation fee?

Selectis makes no charge for a consultation and you are under no obligation to follow any of our guidance. If you choose to follow up on any of our introductions, we receive an introducer’s fee from the business we introduce you to. You could think of our service as a face-to-face or specialised, personal service version of the comparison sites on the internet - which we aim to beat.

Will this cost me more?

No. Any service Selectis introduces you to charges on their standard basis and sometimes on preferential rates / special terms negotiated. Our service is free to you.

Are you really independent?

Yes. Selectis are “Independent Commercial Agents”, not independent financial advisers. There are no corporate shareholders and we are free to introduce you to the services we think will be helpful to you. Selectis values its commercial independence and we constantly monitor the services we introduce.

Do you handle my money?

Absolutely not. You deal directly with the service providers Selectis introduce you to.

Why should I trust you?

To be blunt, at the outset you do not need to trust Selectis as we do not charge you fees, do not handle your money and encourage you to take independent financial advice. You are free to research anything or anyone we introduce you to. You deal with whom we introduce you to directly. We believe you will trust us when you realise you have found a service which delivers what you want!

What happens if I do not like what you introduce me to?

Explain to Selectis what it is you don’t like, so we can find another service for you to consider.

Who manages my investments?

Not Selectis. We introduce you to different propositions and different IFA’s, each of which manage an investor’s money differently. Some Investment funds, such as those administered by insurance companies or investment houses are regulated and managed by investment professionals. Alternatively, for example, if you bought an investment property directly then either you or a property manager would manage the “investment”.

Please see our useful links where there is more information on this subject.

How secure is my investment?

This will vary depending on the investment or investment strategy that you / the IFA choose. High risk with potential high return options are available, alongside lower return but secured propositions. There are also some capital guaranteed options.

When working with IFA’s and regulated products, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) underpins any advice you receive. When buying anything non-regulated (such as a direct property purchase) there is no such governmental protection, although different insurances in the private market might be available.

Please see our useful links where there is more information on this subject.

Why should I use you instead of my bank?

Selectis introduces a variety of companies that have been chosen because of their strength in that product or service area. It is unlikely that a bank has such quality or variety in every aspect of financial services. In fact, many Banks have pulled out of offering investment products and independent financial advice. By all means go to your Bank, we just ask that you also consider any options Selectis sources for you.

Am I committed to working with you in the future?

Absolutely not. Selectis aims to find you the right services at the right time such that you do not need us again. In reality, most people need to find the sort of services we find for them every 3-10 years. We would like to think if we helped you once, you would allow Selectis to help you again –  it is always your choice.

To talk to one of our consultants, please complete the contact form or call us on 02380 454379.

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