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At Selectis, we help you source the best services for your requirements. The following links may also be useful to you for your financial planning.

Financial Calculators and Tools
This site has a wide selection of calculation and planning tools to help your own planning

Planning For Retirement
AgeUK is a Charity providing supportive information for those already in retirement - and planning for it

State pension forecast
Follow this link to find out what your State Pension is on target to be - and what you can do to top it up

Trace Your Pension
If you have lost contact with old pension funds, this service can help you find them.

Benefit Entitlements
It’s amazing what government entitlements there can be. This site can help out.

Independent Investment Publications

Here are two publications which might lead you to further education. They provide share tips, stock market data and analysis, as well as beginners' guides on how to invest in shares and the stock market. You can find some alternative and independent views here.

Investors Chronicle:

The Motley Fool:

UK Government sites

Further sites of use are here:

National Savings & Investments:

Bank of England:

Tax Rates & Tables:

Money Advice Service:

Financial Services Compensation Scheme:

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