Financial Planning

Defining long term strategy and expectations - that's a true financial plan…

Many people are great at planning. They will map out their education, career path, vacation time and just about everything else. However, most fear to tread in the area of active, focused tax & financial planning.

Instead of clearly defining financial goals and strategies, the majority take stabs at different areas of their requirements. They might make short-term provision such as buying a house or investing in buy to let. They might take advantage of employer benefits and pensions or make one-off investments that may or may not have tax breaks. They may follow the actions and advice of colleagues and acquaintances.

Not many people spend time interrogating how any action fits with their long term strategy and expectations - if they have defined these in the first place. That's where a true Financial Plan comes into play. It helps you figure out how far you've come, how to set realistic financial objectives and how to get to where you want to be.

Advantages of a solid Financial Plan

Our advisers will work with you so that a suitable plan, unique to your circumstances, can be developed and monitored each year to keep you on track.

Once we have established your immediate needs and goals for the future, we will listen to you and assess your attitude to risk, whilst making you aware of different investment and planning options.

When it comes to investment into the world’s stock markets we will ask you to complete a risk questionnaire in order to establish what level of risk you are likely to be comfortable with. For example, if we take the main three asset classes of equities (company shares), bonds (interest bearing loans to companies and governments) and cash, then a cautious portfolio will comprise more cash and bonds than equities, suiting those wishing to take a relatively cautious approach or those who have a need for income.

In contrast, a growth orientated portfolio will hold more equities and less bonds and cash. Such a portfolio will offer little or no income but more capital growth potential over the medium to long term. However the cost of more growth is more volatility or falls and rises in the value, which may be less suitable for those who are nervous about seeing the value of their investments fall during certain periods.

Our advisers have a huge amount of experience in advising on all types of portfolios and would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.

For a no obligation, initial discussion at our cost, please contact us or call +356 2776 1094.

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